About Us 

Damdaar Times is an initiative led by news writers and bloggers dedicated to delivering timely and reliable information to readers. The primary goal is to establish a loyal readership that engages with news content online via web and mobile platforms. Our team of expert writers works diligently day and night to curate news encompassing national and international affairs, user interests, humor, astrology, business, sports, lifestyle, and more.

The genesis of Damdaar Times was a carefully planned endeavor, with owners and writers sharing a clear vision for its purpose. Emphasizing Social Media News and Technology, user satisfaction is prioritized, making it the focal point during the website’s year-long development. Damdaar Times is committed to offering fast, accurate, and relevant news that caters to the diverse interests of its audience.

The website’s narrative revolves around providing users with information that aids them in their daily lives, alongside entertaining content that satiates their reading desires. Damdaar Times is your go-to source for a wide array of the latest news and information across various categories